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Posted By: Joel Goulet

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2020-06-07 06:02:48
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2020-09-05 10:02:48

MIND THEFT-Joel Goulet's new novel

MIND THEFT—a new novel… A group of international assassins called the Realm, attempt to kidnap a Secret Service Agent named Trevor. Their intent is to alter Trevor’s mind and program him to carry out an assassination. Trevor’s Thai girlfriend named Abela, and her two brothers Kamon and Kulap, all are martial artists. They set out to protect him after he escapes from the Realm, with his memory less than perfect. The relentless assassins chase the siblings and agent from large city to large city in the USA, to Bangkok, Thailand, and to a ski hill in Japan. From hotel to hotel, and the bayous of Louisiana. For some reason they are always able to find Trevor’s location. Abela, a surgeon, discovers the reason the assassins keep finding them. The tables turn on the assassins. One of the brothers, Kamon, is a clairvoyant and can foresee some of the Realm’s moves ahead of time. Kamon and the head assassin named Frickenstein, face each other. It is a meeting that ends unexpectedly bad for Frickenstein. The Realm is not deterred by the loss of their chief assassin and devise other plans to continue with their original goal concerning Trevor. They eventually determine that they picked the wrong agent and the wrong Thai family to mess with. It comes as an alarming surprise to the family, and Trevor, when they learn how deep the Realm’s reach is within the government, and how the odds of escaping the Realm are stacked against them. Find Joel Goulet novels in the genres of: Horror, Fantasy, Historical Romance, Thriller, Mystery, Western, and Science Fiction. Read Joel Goulet’s novels for FREE at Amazon.com, or buy them at prices starting at 3.00 at Amazon.

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